Partnering with your Clinical Notes Software

PedSol benefits from partnerships with all major Clinical Notes Software vendors, helping you accomplish more and freeing up some of those crucial clinic hours. We aim to be your all-round solution for providing tailor-made easy to follow rehab plans in minutes for their patients.

Software Integration Section

Your Solution Platform

PedSol’s integrations aim to help you develop a patient’s rehab plan directly from your Clinical Notes Software. Once you’ve finished prescribing rehabilitation exercises to your patient, plans are instantly uploaded to their medical record.

Our Integrations

Bentleigh East, VIC, Australia
Partner since 2018
Synchronizing between Cliniko and Physiotec is simple. Whether you have one location or many, you are able to sync patients and their programs to Cliniko in a matter of steps.
Belfast, UK
Partner since 2013
TM3 Practice Management Software aims to make clinic life easier for practitioners. With seamless and easy integration with Physiotec, you can provide a more interactive and complete treatment experience for your patients.
Shipley, UK
Partner since 2019
e-clinic is the market-leading clinic management package. Our integration with Physiotec allows you to sync your patients quickly, as well as set up and view an exercise program by simply booking a physio related appointment.
Staffordshire, UK
Partner since 2012
PPS integrates seamlessly with Physiotec, putting all of the essential tools at your disposal so that you can focus on treating your patients.
Queensland, Australia
Partner since 2018
Nookal is the leading practice management software solution for the allied health industry. Nookal provides business owners, managers and health practitioners with patient-management tools and real-time…
Portland, OR, USA
Partner since 2012
With Clinicient’s Insight EMR and Physiotec HEP integration, therapists can easily search and prescribe home exercises and capture the information in the patient record, allowing you to deliver and…
Clinic Appointments
Partner since 2018
Clinic Appointments has integrated Physiotec services into its online customer portal, allowing clinics across the UK easy access to tailor-made programs for their patients.
Quebec, Canada
Partner since 2011
Practitioners assign home exercise programs to help their patients achieve desired outcomes. With that in mind, Clinicmaster has built a seamless integration with Physiotec, a comprehensive, ever-growing online…
Temecula, CA, USA
Partner since 2013
Raintree and Physiotec provide an easy transition from in-clinic documentation, to patient education and home programs. Patient education can be added at any point during the patient visit, and a detailed PDF is automatically stored to the patient chart for reference.